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December 08, 2010


Ellen Gunty

@George:I absolutely agree that people need to build alliances & working relationships. However not ever job is team-oriented but whether you are a part of a team, the team leader, or an executive, there is still individual ownership leading to individual accountability. However that is really "splitting hairs" between two people who are essentially "on the same page." In the first 100 days, companies look at a new hire in a lot of different ways. I think utilizing my list as well as yours will help most people to survive that initial evaluation period. Thanks for stopping by.

George Bradt

There seem to be a couple of basics that apply whether you are moving into a new company, new role, or new consulting assignment:
1) Get a head start (as you've pointed out)
2) Manage your message
3) Build your team

The only thing almost anyone can accomplish these days by themselves is failing. Almost any success requires a team. So focus on early team wins instead of just early individual wins.

More in our book, "The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan" (Bradt, Check, Pedraza, Wiley, 2009)

ellen gunty

Hi. Thanks for checking in. I think you make an excellent point. It's always far more desirable to be surrounded by positive people!:) Great suggestion.

Helene Feltrup

If I may add one more important suggestion; ALWAYS keep a positive attitude at work! You are less likely to get laid off and more likely to be promoted. Once you get a good job, your positive attitude will help you keep it.

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